Vangelis Rinas

Born in Samos (1966). He studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts. He has presented over twenty solo exhibitions in Athens, Europe, and New York in galleries and institutes, (Tenri Cultural Institute, NY) and China (China National Gallery of Beijing, NAMOC). Shanghai and other cities. He has also participated in many group exhibitions in Greece and abroad and in the International Biennale.
His works are in collections such as: the Greek Parliament, the National Center for the Arts and Performing Arts NCPA, Beijing, the Beijing Biennale International Art Collection, etc. He has been honored with the silver award at the first international sculpture exhibition in Wenzhou, China 2017.
He is guest Professor at the University of Shenyang. He lives and works in Athens, New York and Florida.

Petros Zoumboulakis

Petros Zoumboulakis was born in Athens in 1937. He studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts, under the direction of Yannis Moralis (1956-1961), with a scholarship of IKY for all the years of the studies. He graduated with many honors. After graduating from the art studio, he studied Stage Design, Decoration and Advertising at the School of Fine Arts near Vassilis Vassiliadis (1962-1964), with honors as well. He studied Byzantine and Folk Art in Greece with a scholarship from IKY. (1964- 1965).

He organized forty-five (45) solo exhibitions in Greece. He has participated in many important group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. He represented Greece at the most distinguished International Biennales. Since 1961, alongside painting, he has worked for theater and cinema by creating theatre scenery and costumes. He collaborated with state theaters and free theaters. He taught for 22 years artistic courses at TEI of Athens, School of Decorators ATO-Doxiades, Scenography at Vakalo Schools, etc. He illustrated poetry collections and short stories in literary magazines and newspapers, as well as school and children's books, company calendars, book and album covers, and more. He has created the design for bank stands in many international exhibitions.

His works are in the National Gallery and collections of the Ministries of Education and Culture. In the collections of the Banks: National, Greek, Alpha Bank, Merchant, Rural, Ionian, Postal Savings Bank and in many private and public collections and Museums in Greece and abroad. At the Pierides Museum, Vorres Museum, in the Collections of Antoniou, Vergos, Ioannidis, Moschandreou, Cangelari.

Also in Art Galleries of many Municipalities of the country as well as in the House of Art Gallery. In 2011 he was honored by the Academy of Athens for his artistic creation as a whole.

Aristomenis Tsolakis

Aristomis Tsolakis was born in Karlovasi, Samos in 1953. In 1970 he settled in Athens. He dealt with art in general, mainly with painting and later with hagiography. His work is the product of “enthymysis”, research, practice, many years of study in social, philosophical (Protestanti, Platon, Aristotle), scientific issues and mainly in Greek perception, interpretation and mythology of the world.

Personalities and ideas of world history and intelligentsia also influenced and still influence his thoughts and actions, both as a human being and as an artist. With great appreciation and admiration in their works, he invokes them in his painting field as a treatment of refinement and enlargement, along with his aesthetic delights. In his works he attempts to formulate painting, subjective, spatio-temporal and emotional functions based on Greek mythology and with references in the contemporary scientific approach of the visible and invisible world (Relativity, Quantum

He has painted and completed a series of works on socio-political and historical themes, with a morphoplastic admixture of paintings and hagiographic elements, extended thematic with Albert Einstein, using other materials on canvases (sewing zippers, threads, needles). Also a series of works on Artemis, Apollo, Poseidon, Sissyphos, and many other forms of mythology, with a “on liquid” technique, on specially processed canvas fabrics, drawings and watercolors.

At the same time, he paints at temples in Greece and abroad. He taught painting in elementary and middle private education and cultural programs of Municipalities throughout Greece. Also Hagiography in programs of the EEC as well as in EOMMEX – OAED. From 1984 to 1989 he served as General Secretary. At the European Art Center. From 1993 to 1996 he was a member of ART STUDIO EST artistic group. He has published works in the magazines “Ergastiri”,”Prosopa”, “Alexisfairo”.

He gives lectures on Beauty and Art issues. He is a member of the Fine Arts Chamber of Greece. (EETE) In recent years his artistic explorations have been extended to other forms of art, especially in the field of music, studying listenings from various places of the earth, and at the same time setting his own lyrics to music, in an effort to detect the holistic roots behind every form of alternation. He has exhibited his works in Greece and abroad.